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Akshara Yoga seeks to promote the understanding and application of Vedas and their philosophy around the world. Vedas are the most ancient spiritual texts – not religious texts as some people mistakenly think – known to man.

The following are some of the essential and foremost teachings of Veda:

एकं सद्विप्रा बहुधा वदन्ति – The Truth is one, though knowers of Truth describe it differently
वसुधैक कुटुम्बम् – Entire Earth is one family
अहिम्सा परमो धर्मः – Non-violence is the highest virtue

The teachings of Vedas are universal. They transcend the divisive factors created by man such as nationality, culture, religion, language and skin color and can be adopted by anyone and everyone.

The Origin of Veda:

‘Veda’ means ‘that which is to be known’ in Sanskrit. Vedas are the self-expression of the Universe. The Cosmic Consciousness speaks to us thru Veda. Infact, Cosmic Consciousness reveals itself in the form of Veda. However, this communication is too powerful to happen thru any physical or biological apparatus. When a man succeeds in perfectly quieting his mind thru meditation, when the demands of his individual existence are not disturbing him, in that moment of profound silence, he would be able to truly connect with Cosmic Consciousness. In that profound moment, he taps into the Universal Heart. The vibrations of universal love and oneness found in the Cosmic Heart flow thru the lips of such a Man as the sacred vibrations of Veda. In ancient India, there were many such lofty personalities who succeeded in connecting with the Cosmic Consciousness. These men and women are called ‘Rishis’. Cosmic Love and Wisdom that poured out thru them to benefit the humanity is called ‘Veda’. As such, Vedas are considered timeless.

Sacred objectives of Veda:

Broadly speaking, Vedic teachings have two objectives at the core: Abhyudaya – living in a peaceful, progressive way and Nihshreyasa – Self-realization.

Veda contains all that Man needs to know to realize his true nature of being Pure Consciousness. Veda also contains all that Man needs to know about his existential life.  Veda is the best manual on how to live. It offers answers to all of life’s questions.

Relevance of Veda in modern times:

Veda concerns itself primarily with the purpose of life, how to achieve the purpose of life in a way that benefits the invididual as well as the society. Veda comprehensively addresses all facets of life from the mundane to the sublime. Different branches of Vedic sciences delve deeper into different aspects of life. Some examples are:

Ayurveda – Energizing oneself thru food
Yoga – Achieving alignment of body, mind and spirit leading to Self-realization
Sanskrit – Energizing oneself thru sacred Mantras, leading to Self-realization
Nada – Energizing oneself thru Music, leading to Universal Consciousness
Jyotisha (Astrology) – how to foresee and plan for what life has in store

Innumerable paths of spirituality – Tantra, Buddhism, Jainism etc. – are rooted in Vedic philosophy and are usually grouped under the broad umbrella of the Vedic philosophy.

The principles of Veda are timeless and they will always remain relevant to humankind.

Ram Vakkalanka, the founder of Akshara Yoga:

Ram Vakkalanka is a Sanskrit expert, Nada Yogi, Yoga philosopher, Kirtan leader and Meditation instructor. Ram was born and brought up in India, steeped in Vedic culture. Currently based out of Toronto (Canada), Ram travels around the globe spreading the uplifting teachings of Veda, thru workshops, retreats, talks, seminars, webinars, private teaching and  preservative media such as CDs and DVDs. For more about Ram, please visit the ‘About’ page.

Meaning of ‘Akshara’:

Akshara Yoga is named after chapter eight in BhagavadGita entitled “Akshara Brahma Yoga”. ‘Akshara’ means ‘eternal’ or ‘indestructible’ in Sanskrit; it also means a letter of Sanskrit (alphabet). ‘Akshara Yoga’ expresses the conviction that Yoga – the most benevolent of all sciences – and Sanskrit, which is Yoga in linguistic form, will live as long as the humankind exists and continue to inspire and guide human beings towards Perfection.

Hope you will enjoy your journey thru ‘Akshara Yoga’.




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